Students’ Association for Multiple Sclerosis

The Students’ Association for Multiple Sclerosis (SAMS) aims to increase awareness and fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis through various events and annual conferences designed to expose students to the field of MS research.

Our Mission

  • Raise awareness within the community for Multiple Sclerosis.

  • Raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research, advocacy and charities.

  • Initiate programs about Multiple Sclerosis in a way designed to help students increase their exposure.

  • Create open forums with those active in the field and those interested in joining the discussion.

Dr. Murray and SAMS founder Roxana at 2016 MS Exchange in Montreal. Dr. Murray is a world renowned leader in Multiple Sclerosis and is as a prominent neurologist at The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame.

"When I was in medical school, MS was regarded as a hopeless disease and the diagnosis was a “death sentence” as a prominent neurologist said. Now we know many of the things we thought we knew then were wrong, that the current state of management is most hopeful and we have 14 new agents that are effective and more and more effective ones in the pipeline. We are now talking, not just of helping a patient with the disease, but potentially stopping and even reversing the process. We are now talking about the concept of NEDA in our therapies (No evidence of disease activity).


MS has changed from a hopeless situation to one of the most exciting and advancing areas in medicine and neurology.


In an interest group on MS there are so many intriguing areas for discussion, from the immune system controls, the microbiome, Vitamin D, to the epidemiology and genetics of the disease.


It should be of interest to medical students since the average of onset is in the late twenties and it is the commonest serious neurological disease in young adults."

Professor Emeritus T. J. Jock Murray


(hon. MCFP, LLD, DSc, D.Litt, DFA, LLD)