Multiple Sclerosis 2nd Annual Symposium

Interested in knowing more about the human brain? Want to learn more about multiple sclerosis (MS) research? Looking to get more involved in the neuroscience field? Good news!


The Student Association for Multiple Sclerosis (SAMS) is hosting our Second Annual Multiple Sclerosis Symposium

Date: March 16, 2020

Time 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Location: CR-CHUM

This event is in English and free for anyone to attend. Food/beverages will be served.


Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease affecting hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The goal for this conference is to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis by providing the audience with a program that is enjoyable for all—no science background is needed! You can learn not only the science behind MS, but also about the experience of living with MS. There will be insights from researchers about their work in the MS field including what brought them to study MS in the first place, as well as a speaker who will discuss what everyday life feels like through the challenges of MS. So mark down your calendar and get ready for a great opportunity to learn more about multiple sclerosis!

So join SAMS to learn more about MS and network with world-renowned researchers!


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