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Meet the 2020-2021 TEAM!



Program: Pharmacology & Cognitive Science

Favorite remote activity: Netflix Party

Favorite restaurant: Pho Bang New York

I am one of the co-president at SAMS this year. We have many remote activities planned this year, and I am excited to see many new faces over zoom this year!




Program: Experimental Surgery

Favorite remote activity: Netflix party & Remote cook offs

Favorite restaurant: Pizzeria no 900 or La Khaima

Hi everybody! My name is Roxana and I am coming back as co-president for the 2020-2021 year. I founded SAMS back in 2017-2018 after seeing a need for more awareness for MS within the university setting. I am now back as a graduate student and am incredibly excited to implement remote projects through SAMS to help our community learn more about MS. We have great initiatives coming up that will allow us to remain productive, safe, and raise awareness for MS! I am excited to work with my team and my community to help each other learn more about MS, inspire others to get involved in the field, and gain more interest for fundraising for MS research. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! We will update the page with our upcoming projects, so stay tuned!

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VP External

Program: Neuroscience

Favorite remote activity: Sending TikToks to friends

Favorite restaurant: La Capital Tacos

Hey, I'm Hunter. I'm a U2 Neuroscience student minoring in Computer Science. I'm really excited to be involved with SAMS this year as VP External. I'm looking forward to working with the rest of the exec team on initiatives that will help raise funds and awareness for MS. We have a lot of exciting things coming up so be sure to stay tuned!



VP Internal

Program: Neuroscience

Favorite remote activity: Catching up on deadlines & playing the piano

Favorite restaurant: Any place that serves bubble tea, especially The Alley

Hello! I'm Sean and I'll be taking on the position of VP Internal for SAMS. As such, I'm in charge of anything finance-related! I'm currently in third year studying Neuroscience and CS. Looking forward to seeing how the online semester would pan out in terms of club events as we have some interesting ones in the works! Hope everyone’s been keeping safe and I look forward to chatting with you all!

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Gülnigar Pahirden

VP Fundraising

Program: Nutrition

Favorite remote activity: Watching Netflix

Favorite restaurant: Dandy

Hi everyone, I'm Gülnigar! I'm a U2 student studying nutrition and I’m really glad to be part of the SAMS team as VP Fundraising this year. My main responsibilities include raising funds for MS research and also, along with other execs, raising awareness about this neurodegenerative condition across the Montréal community. Though things are a bit different this year, I’m still very excited to say that we have planned out and are working hard to bring you various interesting online events. Stay tuned!



VP Events

Program: Honours Neuroscience & Minor Computer Science

Favorite remote activity: Playing online games with friends

Favorite restaurant: Coldroom

Hello! I'm Kate and I'll be the VP Events for SAMS this year. Even though everything is a little crazy right now, I will still be planning many fun activities and workshops for people to attend. I hope you guys enjoy these events and I'm excited to see you all there!

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Sofia Reynoso

VP Communications

Program: Biology

Favorite remote activity: Netflix party

Favorite restaurant: Santouka (in Boston) / Schwartz's Deli (in Montreal)

Hi everyone! My name is Sofia and I'm one of the VP Communications this year. In this role, I'll be making sure all of you are informed about future events and any interesting MS news. Although this semester is remote, I'm excited for what it holds in store.



VP Communications

Program: Neuroscience

Favorite remote activity: Procrastinating on work by planning out my entire life

Favorite restaurant: MajesThé

Hello! My name is Braxton, I am a U3 Neuroscience student, and I am very excited to be involved with SAMS this year as one of the VP Communications! I am passionate about raising MS awareness in our community: on one hand, it is the most common neurological disorder in young adults, however, we are also fortunate to attend a school and live in a country with great research initiatives. I'm looking forward to connecting you with MS patients and researchers and hope to help inspire some of you to join this field!



Web Admin

Hi, I’m Ingrid! I am from London, Ontario and I’m currently a U1 Neuroscience student. I am very interested in neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, and I want to be able to help fundraise to support MS Research! I’m super excited to join SAMS as the web admin this year, and we’ll bring you guys amazing events throughout the year so stay tuned!