Meet the 2019-2020 TEAM!



Hi, my name is Charlise and I am honored to be the Co-President of SAMS this year. I am currently a U2 Pharmacology student minoring in Cognitive Science. I joined SAMS last year, and I was able to contribute to its growth towards its full status with SSMU. I am excited to bring new initiatives this year that will continue to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis across the Montreal community. All of our raised funds will go towards Multiple Sclerosis research.



As last year's VP Communications, I'm very honoured to be returning as one of SAMS' co-presidents this year! I'm very passionate about multiple sclerosis and neuroscience, and will do my best to ensure that our SAMS team has a productive and exciting year. Our executive council has a variety of fundraising events planned for this year, including our spring multiple sclerosis symposium, so we hope to see you soon!



VP External

Hey guys! I’m Harvey, a master’s student in Experimental Medicine and I’m really glad to be VP External for the SAMS 2019-2020 exec team. I became interested in SAMS because I wanted to learn more about multiple sclerosis and how patients live with this disease in their day-to-day lives. It has been a blast so far and I look forward to the rest of the year!



VP Internal

I’m currently in U3 Microbiology & Immunology. I’m excited to join the SAMS team this year as VP Internal. I hope this year brings lots of fun and exciting MS related events!


VP Fundraising

Hi, I’m Hunter! I’m a U1 Neuroscience student from Niagara Falls, ON, and am this year’s VP Fundraising. I’m really excited to be involved with SAMS and raise money for MS research because of how many people across Canada and around the world are affected by this disease.



VP Events

Hi everyone! I'm Kate and I'm the VP Events this year. I'm very excited to work with this fantastic team to bring you guys the annual symposium for MS.



VP Communications

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m currently a U1 student majoring in Pharmacology and I’m going to be your VP communications for this year along with Sayaka. We’re going to be managing the listservs and social media for SAMS in 2019-2020 (follow us on Facebook or Instagram @samsmcgill!) When I’m not busy sleeping in the library, you can find me probably lost on campus somewhere, or just generally being confused . I can’t wait to bring you news of the many exciting events SAMS will be hosting, so be on the lookout!



VP Communications

Hey everyone! My name is Sean and I will be your new SAMS VP Communications for this semester alongside Amy! What fascinates me about neuroscience is that there’s just so much of the brain that we have yet to understand and making new discoveries is what drives my curiosity to learn more about the nervous system. As VP Comm, spreading awareness of MS is my main role and I hope that everyone will take away something new about MS, so stay tuned!


Web Admin

Hi, I’m Ingrid! I am from London, Ontario and I’m currently a U1 Neuroscience student. I am very interested in neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, and I want to be able to help fundraise to support MS Research! I’m super excited to join SAMS as the web admin this year, and we’ll bring you guys amazing events throughout the year so stay tuned!

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